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Food Services

Apollo Pizza & Wings:

695 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


Dem Stush Jamaicans:

432 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


Casa Cubana:

411 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


Gusto Pizza & Wings:

379 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


V Food Spot:

413 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


Rei Dos Leitoes (King of Pigs):

706 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


TNT Tabanca: 

124 Rectory St, London, ON


Personal Services

Chea Hair Studio:

440 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


Nini Lash Studio:

972 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


The Fix . INC:

725 Hamilton Rd, London, ON



Outspokin Cycles:

867 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


TNT Custom Ink Printing Services:

596 Hamilton Rd, London, ON


Sak’s Market Place:

109 Rectory St, London, ON


Using Your Hambucks:

Redeem at Participating Businesses: 

  • Prior to usage, please see the list of participating businesses below.
  • Only Valid at participating businesses.
  • Pre tax purchase price must be equal to or greater than coupon value

No Exchange for Cash: 

  • Consumers bearing HamBucks cannot exchange their HamBucks for Canadian currency.

Maximum Redemption: 

  • No more than $50 in blue promotional Hambucks may be used toward any single purchase total.

Expiration: Must be used within one year of receipt.

For Participating Members:

Redemption Authorization: 

  • Only participating businesses can submit redeemed Hambucks through the Hamilton Road BIA office.

Proof of Identification:

  • Hamilton Road BIA may request identification when redeeming Hambucks.

Recording Required: 

  • Serial number and date received must be recorded for redemption.

No Reproductions Allowed: 

  • Only original and authorized Hambucks are redeemable. Reproduced or illegitimate Hambucks will not be reimbursed and may be subject to criminal investigation.

Terms and Conditions:

  • No Liability for Lost/Stolen Hambucks: Hamilton Road BIA is not responsible for any lost or stolen Hambucks.

No Responsibility for Returns:

  •  Hamilton Road BIA is not responsible for returns of any goods or services purchased with Hambucks.

Join the Hambucks Program:

    • If you want to sign your business up for Hambucks, please contact us at 548-668-4242 or visit us at 596-B Hamilton Rd, London, ON N5Z 1S6.“