Doors Open London

Hamilton Road Tree Trunk Tour

To help celebrate 20 years of Doors Open London, experience the virtual version of Hamilton Road’s Tree Trunk Tour! Alternatively, you can drive the entire 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles) or do the smaller walking version (1 kilometre/0.6 miles) as both are safe and COVID friendly. You will be introduced to each of the 26 sculptures and benches with video introductions and links to each as you see and hear the stories showcasing what they mean, what kind of trees were used, and which sculptors created each one. In between, you will learn about the rich history of Hamilton Road and the historical buildings that are an integral part of their tours. In addition, as part of Digital Doors Open, download a Tree Trunk Colouring Book and a tour map. Experience London’s best-kept secret. The Hamilton Road Tree Trunk Tour is something that you’ll never forget!